Rest Up Before You Tee Up

Grab a drink at our golf lounge in Cedar Rapids, IA

Even the biggest golf enthusiast needs a break. Enjoy some light snacks and a beer between sets at Ringer Golf in Cedar Rapids, IA. Our indoor golf lounge includes a self-service bar and multiple televisions so you can keep up with your favorite sporting events. Now you and your golf buddies can sit back and relax before or after enjoying a good game of golf.

The next time you schedule a game with us, stop by our golf lounge for some beers and laughs.

A great game calls for a good time

At Ringer Golf in Cedar Rapids, IA, we're all about making sure our patrons are having a great time. That's why, along with our indoor golf studio, we have an indoor golf lounge perfect for taking a breather after an excellent set. Our lounge is stocked with...

  • A self-service bar
  • Multiple televisions
  • Plenty of seating
Our bar carries beer and light snacks and doesn't include liquor or a full kitchen menu. Swing by our indoor golf lounge today.